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Talento Joven – Desiree Garibay

Hi my name is Desiree Garibay. Who am I? I am 17 years old and will be turning 18 on April 6th. I was born and raised in Arizona. I have a pretty amazing life because of the people I have in my life. I love my parents more than anything, they are my best friends. The things that make me the most happiest is being with those I love the most, seeing the ones I love most happy and smiling, and of course singing, modeling, dancing, and acting. I am currently still in high school and attend an online high school.  I am a singer, model, and an actress. I am currently working more on my acting skills. Many people in my life have said oh where did you become a singer or when did you start singing, the truth is that I’ve been singing my whole life. I remember perfectly as a kid I would go to work with my mom and help her and I would always say “mom, one day I’m going to become famous and you, my dad and my grandma won’t have to work anymore.” This industry isn’t easy, you have to sacrifice so much. My schedule looks a little like this, I work cleaning houses, I have school to do, I have to practice my songs and vocals for at least 2 house, sometime I have to of course clean around my house. On the weekends I go to California and work in the studio from the second I get there until 5am sometimes I don’t even get sleep. When I am there I usually have a 4 hour dance rehearsal non stop and no breaks, I have vocal lessons, meetings all day, and studio time (recording songs). On top of all of that I have to maintain good grades and work very hard to help my parents out. As well as finding time for my family and friends. It can get pretty hectic. I’ve never taken myself for granted and you shouldn’t either. I like to constantly stay busy. I have learned that there is many people who envy you, who want to bring you down, and most of all people don’t believe in you. I always take every negative comment and turn it into something that has pushed me to want to become a better person. I am a person who doesn’t believe in the word no, I never take no for an answer because anything is possible. 

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